A Look Inside The NCAA With Darin Van Vlerah

Darin Van Vlerah, Assistant Director of Enforcement, Basketball Development joins the Podcast to talk about his career switch from a corporate lawyer to the NCAA in 2013, while providing an inside look at the Basketball Development staff, the roles and responsibilities, and the current climate of college hoops.

USA Basketball Developmental Camp Review

Michael Visenberg joins the Podcast to provide an in-depth review on the USA Basketball Developmental Camp that took place in Colorado Springs with the top high school players in the 2019-2022 classes. Mikey V talks about the new format of the camp, the standouts in the Junior / Senior classes, and which younger players to keep an eye on in the future.

Vince Nicastro – Deputy Commissioner & COO – Big East

Vince Nicastro joins the Podcast to talk about his journey into the sports business world, a long and successful career as the Athletic Director at Villanova, and his current role within the Big East. Vince recounts about getting Jay Wright to Villanova at the last minute in 2001, his role in helping shape the current structure of the Big East, and how the conference has prepared for the changing landscape in summer recruiting.